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    CAN WE CHANGE THE STORY OF OUR CONTINENT? A sole maxim which has invariably passed the litmus test of time has been the saying that “the ultimate measure of a man is not when he staves in moments of comfort and convenience but when he stands in time of challenges”. This possibly underlines Africa’s new generation. To say the least, the future of Africa is stark vague, hopeless and unpredictable for us in the face of ballooning unemployment, economic swamp and environmental Hazards. Africa is said to be the richest continent on the globe in terms of resources, yet the Africans are stagnated, with people dying from preventable diseases, poverty and civil wars. Until we wake up to the reality that, attitudinal renaissance, non-corruption, job creation to combat unemployment, and entrepreneurship are the therapy to the ills of our continent, our problems would not be solved for our to develop in the world.

    Abdallah Abdul Martin (Ghana Senior High School)- Tamale

    Abdallah Abdul Martin


    Power fluctuation which has gained a new name in our Ghanaian society as “Dumsor” is the frequent change in power supply in the country. This is a major problem that has caused more harm than good to the citizenry. To begin with, prior to the poor power supply system, most students have failed in both internal and external exams, students are unable to learn effectively at night (mining) and almost all students across the nation can testify to the fact that learning at this time is very effective. Again, low productivity in most industries in Ghana can be attributed to Dumsor since most industries use hydro-electric power in their daily activities. Also, educational institutions without generators are unable to even print examination questions for students. This makes both teaching and learning very difficult. In conclusion, I believe that if measures are put in place to solve the problem of “Dumsor” the country will be a better place.

    Osei Tutu Jennifer -Nungua SHS

    Jennifer Osei

    Nation building is the process by which members of the society make sustainable efforts to maintain unity and living with the sole aim of improving upon their quality of life or standards of living. Firstly, there must be encouragement of tolerance; one must obey each other’s view, respect one another and discouragement of poetical in order to improve upon the nation. However, Instability is one of the major problems confronting our nation building. Recently the country’s political activities have been frustrated by frequent milter coups and frequent change of government. Another bad practice which slowdown our nation building is bribery and corruption Hence, in order to improve on our nation building, there must be an encouragement of adopted capital information, and the avoidance of factors that thwarts the efforts of a country controlling population growth, since rapid population growth is a vigorous pursued.




    The mango and the earth have no limit. In my point of view, it is much opted for a person to lead in his own life, because life is too rigid to make a person become useful impact in the life of people In Ghana. I am a person named by my sweet able parents hence; it will be good for me to write a simple note for people in this world to read. We can all testify that Previously, Ghanaians were unfortunate to have good ideas but currently, it is impossible for a person in your own house to respect you or help you in bad times. Therefore, I entreat you to be careful of your friends, especially those who do not seek your progress. Think about things that will help you grow but not to worry about unnecessary things of life, because life is too hard to worry about.

    Nsobin Clementian Asadare Alsallam Senior High School (Alensco)

    Nsobin Clementian
    Nsobin Clementian

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